Earn money and save money with matched betting

Making extra cash and money online has never been an easy task but in 2017 there are new options available for the savvy online entrepreneur. Matched betting has been on the go for many years now but it only recently become accessible to the none gambling experts. Now anyone can make good money from this fantastic hobby. Many websites have sprung up giving you intimate details on how to benefit from this and some are better than others.

In our opinion Oddsmonkey.net is where you should be investing your money. This matched betting site has thousands of members making for a really nice community of friends already waiting to help you. Plus the software solutions they have developed for this is nothing short of fantastic.

There is a large team of staff on hand to help you make a £1000 a month all for an investment of £15 a month. I can’t think of any ROI’s that are this good. Unless you get really lucky on the lottery!

If you are wondering how much you can make from matched betting then you have come to the right place. It takes time and commitment but it can be doen around a fulltime job. Put simply the more time you invest in this the more money you will make.

Sounds too good to be true? I thought the same but the fact is, it is true. Anyone in the UK can take advantage of this and currently thousands upon thousands of people are. This could change your life. Even an extra £100 a month would probably help change your life. An extra £1000 a month will change anyone’s life.

I can’t see this last forever so I urge you to get involved now before this blows up. Currently it shows no sign of slowing down but inevitably this will take it’s toll and the bookies will look to close the loopholes. All perfectly legal and above board I might add but they want to money not see you making money. Always remember that. This isn’t gambling, you cannot lose your money. You will always win and always make a profit with matched betting when done right so don’t even worry that it’s not worth the risk. There is no risk. Obviously you need some money to get started but £50 should be enough to see you get your new matched betting career underway. Check out the forums to see how many people are making lifew changing sums of money.

There is a free trial so you can get involved without even stumping up a membership fee if you have your doubts.

The reason I have written this blog though is to tell you that I had doubts and couldn’t believe it was a legit way to make money. I have since discovered it is pretty much the only guaranteed way to make good money online unless you like parading around in front of a web cam. Enough said on those websites!

I have been partaking in oddsmonkey for over a year now and have made around £15,000 in that time. Obviously this has changed my life massively. A pay rise that big has allowed me to get a new car and have a decent holiday this year. The rest I have put in a savings account which is growing every day. Many people are using this to pay off their mortgages which is a great idea. Imagine paying off your mortgage 20 years early and having all that extra money available to you. Magic.

Below is a quick YouTube video which outlines the benefits of choosing the monkey over may of the other available sites. There are of course others offering this service but in my opinion they are not good value for money. Most are more expensive and don’t have the professional software and support .

All of this should have been enough to convince you of the benefits of matched betting but just in case it wasn’t then you can send me a message below if you would like to know anymore.

If you have already got involved or did so after reading this blog then leave a comment or send me a message with your success stories. I would love to hear them.

Good luck everyone, not that you will need it!

Liquid Roof Coating by Spray Clad UK

Liquid roof coating is a new industry bursting onto the scene in the UK and the company leading way in our opinion is Spray Clad. This booming North East company has long been an industry leader in Cladding and roofing repair and now these architectural specialists are providing a great roofing coating system.

This fantastic product can extend the life of your roof, new or old and add great protection and increase the life of your building. Nobody wants water getting into their building. It ruins everything and if it gets into the electrics you are looking at a hefty repair bill. Years ago this used to be a big big problem for business and home owners but in 2017 there are industry standard protects that can protect a roof for years and years even with today’s harsh weather and acidic rain that falls in our big cities.

Making an investment into your building today will save you a lot of money down the line. many people and business owners will neglect their building and forget it is the life blood of their business. Look after it and it will look after you for many years to come. No premises – no business – no profits. It’s that simple.

Not only that but a liquid roof coating system is actually really cheap. It’s around 70% cheaper than traditional roof repairs and protection systems and it lasts a lot longer. It can be used on nearly every type of roof shape and material. There are no hot works like tar involved so it is quick, safe and easy to apply.

Contact Spray Clad today to find out how they can help you and your business now and in the future.